WP Rocket Review-2024: Is This the perfect Plugin for WordPress Caching?

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In the modern world, a website is essential for us. A website's loading speed is crucial for visitors and users, affecting conversion rates and bounce rates. Factors like compression, efficient coding, caching, and images play a role. Inefficient caching methods can increase loading time.

An ideal webpage should take time to load in two to three seconds. If a website loads more slowly than 3 seconds, the bounce rate increases. As a result, conversion rates are declining. For this reason, a user should use some plugin that boosts his website. In this article, I am going to share some valuable knowledge and caching plugins. I hope you will enjoy the content.

What is Cache Plugin?

The cache is a component that saves or stores data temporarily to reduce access time and improve the device's performance. In our Laptop or PC, there is a cache memory. In Content Management Systems, Caching involves storing copies of frequently accessed resources such as web pages or images in a temporary location.

A cache plugin is an addon or program that improves website speed through content caching.

Why caching plugin needed in WordPress?

A caching plugin stores information such as HTML files, CSS files, and JS files. When you install the caching plugin, the plugin will start to store the data. Whenever a user visits your website, the cached version of the site loads, saving them the trouble of waiting for your server to load the entire set of web pages.

Firstly, by using this plugin your website will be faster and you will get better WordPress SEO which it help your website ranking.

Secondly, your website loading time will be reduced and the performance of your website will be increased

Finally, you will get a better user experience. So for getting better results the cache plugin is used in CMS.

What is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is one of the most famous premium WordPress caching plugin. It has a user-friendly dashboard and default configuration settings. A beginner uses it with primary knowledge of caching, WordPress, and plugins.

WP Rocket offers several features for its users. It is the most powerful tool to boost your website loading time, improve your website page speed and performance, and help to rank your website.

Features of WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a powerful caching plugin that could improve the speed and effectiveness of your website. Immediately upon activation, WP Rocket begins optimizing and accelerating your website in the background. It has a number of tools that can speed up loading times and improve your website. Important features of WP Rocket include:

  1. Cache Preloading: Caching resources, such as JS and CSS files, photos, and other media, is a process called cache preloading. WP Rocket may have enabled a cache that allows your website to load faster. As a result, the first time a person visits your website, they won't have to wait for resources. This functionality reduced failure rates and improved the user experience.

  2. Optimize CSS delivery: Determines and produces essential CSS. This guarantees that the website loads as soon as possible and that the content that is prioritized loads first.

  3. Browser Caching: Enabling browser caching causes some files to be saved in your browser, allowing it to retrieve those files straight from your browser rather than the web server when you visit the page again. As a result, your website will load much faster and your website server will have less strain. WP Rocket activates the aforementioned feature.

  4. Page Caching: The practice of caching involves storing copies of files in a temporary storage location, or cache, to enable faster file retrieval. The amazing plugin WP Rocket enhances your website's speed. Consequently, it helps you to generate more leads and revenues.
  5. Automatic database cleanup: Allows users to plan database optimization operations, such as one-click removal of spam comments and cleanup of tracked modifications.

  6. eCommerce Optimization: The e-Commerce Optimization feature of WP Rocket is amazing. The checkout page is one of the important pages that is not cached. For this reason, there are no interruptions for the final user during the purchasing process.

  7. Postpone loading JavaScript: Run JS files when users interact with them. To speed up the initial page load time, an exit-intent pop-up, for instance, will only load when users are about to leave the website.
  8. GZIP Compression: Online pages are compressed using GZIP compression on your web server, and the browser then decompresses the compressed files. so that your visitor receives the content more quickly than in the past.

  9. Optimize Google Fonts: Combines several requests for Google Fonts into one to expedite processing. Additionally, Google Fonts are preloaded asynchronously by this functionality.

  10. Excellent Compatibility: The use of WP Rocket eliminates the need to be concerned about incompatibilities with other themes and plugins. The most popular themes and plugins are compatible with it.

  11. Content Delivery Network : Any Content Delivery Network (CDN) can be integrated with WordPress Rocket. If you'd like, you can test the WordPress Rocket CDN. Using CDN can improve the performance of your website.

  12. Purge individual URLs: You have the choice to erase the cache just from particular URLs because emptying the cache for the entire website necessitates a laborious cache rebuild.

Way to Optimize your Site with WP Rocket

In this section we are going to learn how we can optimize our wordpress website through WP Rocket. You know that WP Rocket is a caching plugin. That cache the visited website. However, first we going to see how a webpage cached. Let's start..

Firstly, when we searc anything in our browser and visited anypage this time WP Plugin copies a file of your visited website and store it.
Secondly, the next time you request the page you viewed, the plugin will give your browser the saved files, which will load quickly. Data retrieval from the website server takes longer if a caching plugin is not used. Thus, a cache plugin is required.

But now, let's look at how we use WP Rocket to improve our website.

Please follow the instructions step by step to install WP Rocket & activate the plugin.

Step-1: Performance before using WP Rocket:
To understand the power of WP Rocket, I want to take the performance of a WordPress website via GTmetrix. At this time I took a WordPress website. Here you see the Grade of my website is C and my performance is 69%. Step-2: Purcase WP Rocket Plugin:
You know that WP is a premium plugin. Go to WP Rocket webstie and here you will find plans and choose your desired plan and purchas it. Don't worry if you think you are not satisfied with WP Rocket , you can request for refund within 14 days from the purchasing day. However, after purchasing you have to go Account Dashboard and here you will find Download WP Rocket plugin link and download it by clicking.

Step-3: Upload & Activate WP Rocket: Now, go to your WordPress Dashboard & here you will find Plugin section, click Add New Plugin and then click on Upload Plugin. In this area upload your WP Rocket Plugin that is a zip file. After completeing upload, click Install Now . After completed, go to Installed Plugin and activate Wp Rocket Plugin.

Step-4: Config WP Rocket: Now, go to WP Rocket Plugin and here you will find settings option click here. After clicking you will find your WP Rocket Dashboard. On the left side of your dashboard here you will find WP Rocket features such as CDN, Cache, Files Optimization, Database, Media, Preload and others.

Step-5: Cache & File Optimization: In the Cache section, firstly, you will find the mobile cache, checked Enable caching for mobile devices , next if you have a dedicated mobile theme or plugin you can check Separate cache files for mobile devices.
Secondly, you can check Enable Caching for logged-in Wordpress users if your content is restricted.
Lastly, you have to set the Cache lifespan. My recommendation for this is 10-12 hours and then click save changes.

In File Optimization, checked for Minify CSS files and Optimize CSS delivery. It will reduce the file size. In Js files, checked Minify Javascript files, Load JavaScript deferred. These features will improve your website loading time.

Step-6: Media & Preload: In the Media section, you can optimize your images and videos. In the LazyLoad area check Enable for images, enable for CSS background images, and Enable for iframes and videos. If there are any missing width and height attributes to images you can check it by checking Image Dimension. Moreover, if you use Imagify Plugin then it also help you to optimize your image.

In the Preload section, Checked to Activate Preloading it will help you detect your website sitemaps and save URLs. Enable Preload Links and Prefetch DNS Request. It will help you to load the website quickly. Moreover, by placeing your font it can be preloaded.

Step-7: Advanced Rules, Database, CDN and Others: In the Advanced Rules section, you will find Never Cache URL(s), Never Cache Cookies, Never Cache User Agent(s) . If you desire to exclude any information from caching then this section is for you. In the Database section, you will find Division, Auto Drafts, and Trashed Posts. By using this section you can clean your Database. If you are a beginner, keep it normally.

Next, In the CDN section if you enable CDN then you have to check it and submit the name of CDN CNAME. However, WP Rocket also provided RocketCDN. You can purchase it and use it. In Rocket CDN you get unlimited bandwidth.
Step-8: Examine the Page after using WP Rocket: I verify all the elements that I need to improve my page performance after completing the earlier procedures. But now that I'm using WP Rocket, the outcome is fantastic. You may see that in the photo that follows.

Next, In the CDN section if you enable CDN then you have to check it and submit the name of CDN CNAME. However, WP Rocket also provided RocketCDN. You can purchase it and use it. In Rocket CDN you get unlimited bandwidth.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

Website performance Report with and without WP Rocket.

Without WP Rocket
With WP Rocket
GTmetrix Grade
Time for First Byte (TTFB)
Total Blocking Time
First Contentful Paint(FCP)
Largest Contentful Paint(LCP)
Time to Interactive
Onload Time
Fully Loaded Time

Web Performance Starts Here

Boost Your Website's Speed with WP Rocket!

Pros and Cons of WP Rocket

Pros of WP Rocket

  • Popular caching Plugin
  • Reduce website loading times
  • Suitable for multisite
  • Well Customer Support
  • 14 days money back gurantee
  • Clear render-blocking CSS
  • Outstanding Elements
  • GZIP Compression
  • Boost PageSpeed Insights rating on Google

Cons of WP Rocket

  • Customization Limitations
  • No Free Version

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

WP Rocket v/s FlyingPress v/s LightSpeed Cache

WP Rocket
LightSpeed Cache
Ease of Use
User-friendly interface, easy setup
Intuitive interface, performance-focused
Generally user-friendly
Compatible with most WordPress setups
Generally compatible, may require
Best suited for LiteSpeed servers
Focus on Effectiveness
Focus on Maximizing performance
Setup guidelines
Just enough
Wordpress Multiple Support
Full page cache
CDN Support
Cache Rest API
Free trial
Refund Policy
14 days
14 days
$59/ year
$60 for first year



$ 59 /year

Product Updates and support for 1 website


$ 119 /year

Product Updates and support for 3 websites


$ 299 /year

Product Updates and support for unlimited websites

WP Rocket Support

You know WP rocket is a caching plugin that is used to improve your website speed. However, if you have faced any issues or problems please contact them. Their support system is awesome. You can reach them via many methods such as the Facebook page, email, or submit a ticket. Normally they respond with your email as soon as possible. However, if you become a user of WP Rocket then you can join their private group and get help from them.


WP Rocket Rating on TrustPilot

In this section, we see how customers are rating WP Rocket. For this we choose Trustpilot. Here, the rating of WP Rocket is 4.8 Out of 5 . Above 2077 customers are rated now and 5- start is near 94% . Near 3,000,00+ websites in the world are using WP Rocket. I read most of the reviews and give some in the following picture. Moreover, you can Click here to see more reviews. Overall, the WP Rocket plugin is a super cache plugin for WordPress users.


Final Thoughts:

Without a doubt, WP Rocket is a fantastic plugin for increasing the speed of the website. Using WP Rocket on my website yields better results for me.
Finally, I advise you to go to the WP Rocket website, locate the plugin, activate it, and make use of it. Tell me how much it helped to make your website better, please. I'm looking forward to your message. So let's you journey with WP Rocket

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) :

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Is WP Rocket, a caching plugin for WordPress, reliable?

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