Imagify Review: Is it a better choice for image optimization?

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Images are one of the most significant components of a website.. A website's loading time always depends on website images and other files. But the most important issue is images. Above 25%-30% of any web pages are contributed by images. If the images are not light size then the website required more time for loading and as a result, the user of this website becomes bored and left the site.

Conventionally, a website should load within 2-3 seconds. If the website takes more than 3 seconds, then the bounce rate increase. As a result, the conversion rates are decreasing. So the growth of the business is failed. So we have to take attention to images for the website.

According to a study, the best conversion rates occur on pages with load times between 0-2 seconds, and with each additional second of load time, website conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42%. A website without images is meaningless to Google.

So the final solution is to use images on webpages and the images should be light I mean optimized so that does not affect website speed. Now a question arises how can we optimize images? The answer is we can optimize an imaging manual via Photoshop (time-consuming) or a plugin that optimizes an image. A popular plugin is imagify. Now we discuss this imagify plugin.

What is Image Optimization?

Image optimization refers to the process of reducing the file size of an image while maintaining its visual quality. The purpose of image optimization is to make web pages load faster by reducing the overall size of the page, which includes images. It is an important aspect of web development and performance optimization.

When a image is captured at this time this image carry a lot of information about the device such as the camera model, which was shoot, shutter speed, exposure, and other information. This type of data is called EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) data which is metadata. This EXIF data also provide a record of the settings and conditions under which the photo was taken, which can be useful for photographers, image processing software, and organizing and categorizing image collections.

When we use images on the website then we don't need EXIF data. This EXIF data is junk for the website and makes our website heavy. So we have to reduce file size or pixels without affecting image quality.

So the entire process of removing EXIF data and lessening image pixels is called image optimization. There are several image optimization or image compression plugin. Imagify is one of them.

Why is image Optimization needed?

Image Optimization is an important process for increasing the speed of your website. If you are using blog or WordPress for your website then you need to optimize your images. Without Optimization your images it takes more time to see the content of your webpages. Normally in wordpress, there is no default tool for optimizing images.

You have to use a plugin for optimizing your images. Some time ago I said you can use photoshop or others for image optimization but it takes more time and it can't handle the proper ratio of images. As a result, the content of your website looks bad.

That's why we need a plugin or software for image optimization. Imagify is one of the best plugins for image optimization.

What is Imagify?

Imagify is a plugin to optimize image for WordPress. There are several plugins for image optimization. Imagify is the most advanced image optimisation plugin to help you resize and compress images.The plugin enables you to optimize images at one time with its asynchronous bulk optimization option.
You can optimize your images on the fly -the image will be automatically optimized at the best compression level. Recently Imagify able to convert images to newer image formats like WebP. Moreover, Imagify supports the optimization of picture formats like PNG, PDF, JPG, etc. To learn more about Imagify watch this video

How does Imagify work?

Imagify takes your images and sends them to its server to compress them. Actually, they have 2 levels of compression to lessen size: Smart and Lossless. While integrating with WordPress, you have the opportunity to switch between the two.

When you add the Imagify WordPress plugin to your site then you can upload images. You all uploaded images are going to the Imagify server and in this server, all work is done and next you will get the image. Don't worry about your image privacy because the Imagify server is cleared after some time. Moreover, Imagify keeps your original file or image because if you want to back the pervious image then you can find it easily. So Imagify is a useful plugin for optimizing your images.

Earlier, I mentioned that there are two levels for image optimization.
In Smart mode, your images will be compressed without impacting the visual quality. When I optimize an image I see that there is no visual difference between the before image and the after image.
In lossless mode your pictures will be good no info will be lost. While photos' size is reduced, their quality remains unaffected.

How to Optimize Images with Imagify Wordpress Plugin?

There are some steps to install and configure the imagify plugin. Now In this section, I will discuss step by step.
Step-1: Login Wordpress Dashboard and Install Imagify Plugin
Almost we know how to install any plugin. Now the such way we install the plugin. Wordpress Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New >> then in the search box search "imagify" and you will find it . Click the Install Now button and after installing the plugin you have to activate the plugin.

Imagify Plugin

Step-2: Activate your Account with API key
After activating your account go to sing in section and place your email and submit. In your Mail box, you will find the API key. Then click Enter your API key and place your API key and press enter then your account will be ready for further processing. Then click on Go to settings and configure the plugin.
Imagify Plugin API key
Step-3: Modify Imagify Plugin Settings

After clicking Go to settings you will find General Settings. In this section here are three options such as:
(i) Auto-optimize Images on upload : It is used to automatically optimize your images when you upload to WordPress. You have to check mark it.
(ii) Backup Original Images: If you want to keep your original images in a separate folder before processing then you have to check mark it.

(iii) Lossless Compression: By default image optimization is smart compression. If you want to use lossless compression then you have to check mark it.

Imagify Configure
Optimization WebP Formart
If you create WebP versions of images you have to check mark then in Media Library check mark Resize larger images which pixel you need. Then you have to click ADD FOLDERS and select your folder. After all clickSAVE & GO BULK OPTIMIZER then your plugin is ready for images optimization.

Imagify Configure

Key Features of Imagify

Imagify is one of the best image compression tools. Imagify has some special features that are apart from other image optimization plugins. It can compress images without losing their ratio and quality. Now I explore some special features of Imagify.

  1. Smart Compression: Imagify default compression is Smart Compression. This compression always maintains its quality and balanced performance. In a word, we can say that by Smart Compression Images are optimized automatically.

  2. Lossless Compression: If you want to optimize your images highly you can use Imagify advanced algorithms. With this lossless compression, you can compress your images without any loss.

  3. Image resizing: Imagify can resize your images to the dimensions you need, which can make your website faster than previously.

  4. WebP Conversion: Imagify can convert your images to the WebP format. It reduced your image file by 80%. As a result, your website would be faster.

  5. Image backups: If you want to keep your original images before compression you can do that.

  6. Automatic compression: Imagify can automatically compress images when you upload this to your website which saves you time and effort. Moreover, you can also compress images in bulk to optimize your entire image library at once.


Imagify's performance and result.

Now I am discussing the performance of Imagify. So for that, I choose a photo from my gallery and upload the photo on the Imagify server. The original photo and optimized photo are given below. Here the original image size is 1.8 Megabyte. After compressing the image size is 354.4KB. The image is compressed at 81.22%. . Image quality remains unchanged.

Imagify Original Photo Imagify Optimized Photo
The image on the left is the original image (1.8 MB) and the image on the right is the optimised image (354.4 KB). So, if you optimized the image as a result of your website would be faster than before.

Imagify Pricing


$0.00 /month

200 MB

Per Month


$9.99 /month


Per Month


$4.99 /month


Per Month

Pros and Cons of Imagify

Pros of Imagify

  • Creates WebP images
  • Offers free plan
  • Outstanding Interface
  • Bulk Optimization

Cons of Imagify

  • Offers no integrated CDN
  • Free plan has some limitation


There is no doubt that Imagify is a great plugin. When I optimized the image the plugin gives me well results. I am satisfied with the result. But there are some limitations such as imagify has no CDN. Don't worry about CDN you can use RocketCDN.
I hope Imagify will concern about this issue.
By using this I recommend you to use this plugin and optimize your image. As a result, your website will be faster than previous.So, I recommend you to start your free trial.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) :

What formats can you optimize?

Imagify can optimize JPGs, PNGs, PDFs and GIFs format.

How long are images stored by Imagify?

If you use a free account then it's stored for 24 hours and If you use paid subscription then it will store unlimited time.

Do Imagify offer a free plan?

Yes, Imagify has a free plan and Imagify permit you to use this upto 20MB every month.

Can I restore pictures after compressing?

Yes, If you activated the Backup option

When Image is processing then is it slow down your website?

No, because Imagify processes the pictures on his own server.

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