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What is Canva?

Canva is a free to use online graphical tool that combines design, edit photo and create template for user. It also teaches you how to create nice bannar and short photo desing in a moment. If you are not skilled for photo desing or bannar create then Canva would help you. By the help of Canva you can create bussiness Cards, Instragram Card, and social bannar with a single moment.
True to speak desing is not nothing. It is also the idea of any bussiness man or enterprenur. If you want to run you bussiness then you have to need the help of Canva. Besides in free trial you can get a lot of advantages. In free trail you can edit all things. So we can now say that Canva is the online platform that makes designing anything easy for your bussiness. Learn more about canva.

Why we use Canva?

Suppose that you have a little knowledge about design and you don't know how to create a bannar well. Then you need a platform that helps you to create your bannar. It is only the Canva platform. Canva offers you create videos, Presentations, Instragram Post, Social media bannar,Poster, logo, facebook post, flyer, infographic , Instragram story , Resume, Your story, A4 document and mores. So Canva is mostly free . Canva has many fonts and graphics that dont cost any money to use. So you can use canva above Free

The benefit of Canva

How much price of Canva?

In canva you can create a team. I think it is the best benefit of canva. In canva there are three plans. This are Free Por and Enterprise. Both plan is best for user. I will disscuss about the price of canva in different plans. Here I assume that you have a team with 5 members. If you want to use free then you will get this offer 250K free templates, 100+ design types , Hundreds of thousands of free photos and graphics and you will be able to invite members to your team and collborate and comment in real time and you will get 5GB of cloud storage. Besides in Pro plans you will get 100+ million premium stock photos, videos and audio and graphics, 610K premiuum and free templates with new desing daily , easily save and apply your brand or campaigns colors logos, and forns with up to 100 brands kits. Remove image backgrounds insantly with background remover, Resize designs infinitely with magic resize and save designs as templates for your tteam to ue ,100GB of cloud storage and Schedule social media content to 8 platforms and many facilities. It cost $12.99/ month. If you want to need Enterprise plan. Then you will get everything pro plus Establish your brands visual identitiy with logos, colors and fonts across multiple brands, Control your teams access to apps graphics cololors logsos and fonts with brand controls. You can control team uploads into canva, Built in workflows to get approval on your designs. Set which elements your team can edit and stary on brand with template locking, unlimited storage, Single sign on and 24/7 Enterprise level support. In pro and Enterprise plans you will get 30 days free trial

Supported payment method for canva

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