Rank Math SEO Plugin Review : Is This the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress?

Rank Math SEO Plugin Review

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is necessary to rank your website in search. By optimizing your WordPress website you get more traffic and more sales and your business will be improved. Proper SEO plays a great role in increasing your traffic. SEO has a lot of sections and it might be difficult to keep tracking every section in optimization. Don't worry, the WordPress SEO plugin comes to solve that problem.

There are many different kinds of SEO plugins; some are paid and some are free. Rank Math is a highly popular SEO plugin. We will go into great depth about the Rank Math SEO Plugin in this blog. Now let's get started, and I hope the information is enjoyable.

What is Rank Math?

Rank Math is an Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress that helps website owner optimize their content for search engines. Features like XML sitemap creation, keyword tracking, schema markup support, and on-page SEO analysis are available. With its user-friendly interface and practical suggestions for raising website ranks, Rank Math seeks to make the process of optimizing content for search engines more straightforward.

It is one of the most widely used SEO plugins in 2024, with a significant number of users.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simply, it means improving any website to increase its visibility in any search engine. The main focus of SEO is to improve the rankings in the organic search results.

For Example, If you want to sell Xiaomi mobile on your website, then SEO will help you rank your website and get more sales.

Why SEO Is Important?

SEO plays a great role in displaying your website's higher ranking in any search engine. You will get more traffic and it's possible to get more conversion. It helps companies increase their visibility and traffic, improve UX and engagement, and build brand awareness and credibility.

To get targeted traffic, better User experience, High Conversion Rates, and increased visibility and build trust with the fame of your company SEO must be needed.

There are many SEO plugins. Rank Math is one of them. In the following context, we are going to discuss the features of Rank Math.

Features of Rank Math

Rank Math is a popular WordPress SEO plugin. Its offers a lot of features for Rank Math users to improve users' websites search engine ranking. Some features are available and some exclusive features are available in the Premium version. However, in this context, I am going to mention exclusive features of Rank Math.

  1. Simple User Interface: Rank Math comes with a user-friendly interface. It also provides step by step wizard that makes it easy to use. You can use Rank math even if you're not an SEO expert.

  2. Automatic Keyword Suggestion: Rank Math is an all-in-one SEO tool. When you start typing letters in the focus keyword field of Rank Math then you will get automatically keyword suggestions from Search engines such as Google. It's an excellent feature. It will help you to rank your website.

  3. Content AI: Content AI is an AI writing assistant. Only Rank Math is provided this feature for Rank Math user to help writing content SEO friendly. Writing is completely hassle-free . It has an SEO score that helps users to understand how your post is SEO friendly out of scale 100.

  4. Google Analytics Integration : Rank Math integrates with Google Analytics to provide you with insights into your website's SEO performance
  5. SEO Analyzer: Rank Math offers an SEO Analyzer. It helps your website to identify areas for improvement in SEO. It crawls websites, Analyzes page elements, Check technical SEO, Keyword research, and generates reports. By using an SEO analyzer you can monitor your SEO progress.

  6. Meta Tag Analyzer: Meta Tag Analyzer plays a great role in improving SEO on a website. Rank Math offers it. A meta tag analyzer focuses solely on analyzing the meta tags of a webpage. If any meta tag is missing or broken that Meta Tag Analyzer helps you to detect it. Then you can solve the meta tag issue.

  7. 404 Monitor: Rank Math provides 404 monitor. It is always tracking 404 errors such as the "404 Page Not Found" page and analysis it and fixing 404 errors.

  8. XML Sitemap: XML Sitemap acts as a roadmap for search engines like Google, helping them discover and index your website's pages more efficiently. A quick-loading sitemap feature is included with the Rank Math plugin. For your website, Rank Math creates an XML sitemap. It helps search engines to index your website content.

  9. Image SEO: Rank Math offers Image SEO feature. By using Rank Math you can easily add ALT & Title for a image. It helps you to optimize your image and your website loading time will be decreased.

  10. Schema: Search engines can better comprehend the material on your website by using schema markup, which you can add to it.

  11. Role Manager: If your website is managed by many people. You can control each of them to access Rank Math via Role Manager.

  12. Breadcrumbs: You may easily include breadcrumbs on your website to facilitate better content navigation for consumers.
  13. WooCommerce SEO: With Rank Math, optimizing your store's merchandise is simpler. SEO Schema and Meta tags are added automatically, but they can also be completely altered. Rank Math offers WooCommerce's most sophisticated SEO. However, Rank Math has also many features. You can see it via click here.

Way to Set Up Rank Math

Rank Math is a famous and effective SEO plugin at this time. This tool helps you to improve your website SEO and helps you to get more sales. Your website will be more SEO friendly when you configure Rank Math properly. In this section, I am going to show you how to set up Rank Math properly. As a beginner, you can follow the following steps to configure Rank Math correctly.

Step-1: Install the Rank Math Plugin
First, log into your WordPress site click on plugins, and find Add New Plugin click here. Now there are two methods to Add Plugins. Firstly you can download the Rank Math Plugin by clicking here and then upload it and activate the plugin. Secondly, search Search for plugins .. the section "RANK MATH" keyword you will get Rank Math Plugin click on Install the plugin and then activate the plugin.

When you find Rank Math by searching then install and activated the plugin.

Step-2: Connect your free account
When your plugin has been installed & activated properly you will be redirected to the Rank Math registration window. Then you need to create an account. After successfully linking your website with Rank Math you can go through the setup process. This configuration is divided into six sections. Such as Getting Started, Import, Your Site, Analytics, Siemaps, Optimization & Ready. Let's try to see each of them in the following context.
Step-3: Choose the Basic Configuration
In the Getting Started section, here you will find three options. These are Easy, Advanced, and Custom Mode. If you are new to Rank Math you can choose the Easy option. If you have wide knowledge about Rank Math then you can choose Advanced. If you need Custom Mode you can select it. You can switch from one option to another easily. Here I will choose Advanced Option and Start Wizard.

Step-4: Choose Your Website
Now in this section, you have to choose your website type such as is your website is a personal blog commercial website organization, etc. You have to give the website name and Logo for Google and Social media. If your logo is clear and meaningful your website value is increased cause when you share your website you will see it.
Step-5: Connect Google Services
You can connect to Google Search Console via this option. It assists you in analyzing your keyword's performance in the search engine. One effective tool for content optimization on your website is Google Search Console. You can add GSC capabilities to your WordPress dashboard by using Rank Math if you have previously connected your website to GSC.
Step-6: Configure XML Sitemaps
Sitemaps play a great role in ranking your website. It tells search engines such as Google about your website structure and which content should be crawling. If you choose the Rank Math sitemap option then your images will be ranked. It's a great feature.

Step-7: SEO Tweaks
In this step, you can automate some of your SEO tasks. Firstly, we see that Noindex Empty Category and Tag Archives. If your website indexes any empty file that will be harmful to the SEO of your website. So Turn on this. So all empty category and tag archives will be not indexed. Secondly, we see that Nofollow External Links. Turn off this feature. Lastly, we see that Open External Links in New Tab/Window. Actually when we want to go new tab via clicking a link then we add target="_blank". Turn on this feature and it will help you to add automatically this attribute to your post. It's a standard behavior for an ideal website. So keep it turned on.

Then click on Save and continue. Then you will move to next step.
Step-8: Ready

Congratulations!!! if you follow this instruction your website is ready. Your setup is ready. Now here you find the option to enable auto-updates. If you want to keep the Rank Math plugin updated. We recommend you turn on these features. If Rank Math releases any new features you will get it automatically. Now you can move Return to the dashboard or proceed to the Help Page or Setup Advanced Option.

In the Rank Math Dashboard Modules section, you can Turn on 404 Monitor, Content AI, Analytics, Image SEO, Instant Indexing, Link Counter, Redirection Schema, Role Manager, SEO Analyzer, Sitemap. These features improve your website SEO.


However, Rank Math offers many modules and features. You can choose Rank Math Pro. After using it if you are not satisfied you can request for refund money. Rank Math offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Pricing


$ 45.75 /month

Supports 500 750 client websites

Track 50,000 75,000 Keywords

Powerful Schema Generator

Free Content AI Trial (30.0k Credits)

24/7 Priority Support

Renews at $53.25 per month + taxes


$ 19.08 /month

Supports 100 200 client websites

Track 10,000 20,000 Keywords

Powerful Schema Generator

Free Content AI Trial (12.0k Credits)

24/7 Priority Support

Renews at $22.42 per month + taxes


$ 5.75 /month

Unlimited personal websites

Track 500 1000 Keywords

Powerful Schema Generator

Free Content AI Trial (5.0k Credits)

24/7 Priority Support

Renews at $6.58 per month + taxes

Rank Math Free VS PRO


We already noticed that Rank Math offers free and Pro versions for their user. True to speak the world-famous SEOs use Rank Math Pro to get the best result and it helps them to optimize their SEO content. Now in the following table, I am going to tell you a features comparison about Rank Math Free Vs Rank Math Pro.

Key Key Features
Rank Math Free
Rank Math Pro
1 Click Import From AIO SEO
1 Click Import From Yoast SEO
SEO Analysis Score
Powerful Post Optimization
Content Analysis
Google Keyword Suggestion
Video/Software/App Schema
Google Site Verification
Advanced Google Analytics 4 Integration NEW!
Keyword Rank Tracker
The Most Advanced Schema Generator
Advanced Post Filtering
Podcast Module NEW!
Google Search Console Integration
Import Schema From Any Website
Track Google Index Status
Limited Report
Custom Schema Builder
Advanced Quick Edit Options
Detect Orphan Pages
Export 404 Log
Custom Setup Wizard Mode
Watermarked Social Media Images
Import/Export Focus Keywords
Import SEO Data via CSV File
24x7x365 Support
$5.75 / month
See All Features

So, here is the comparison table about Rank Math free vs Pro. I hope it will help you to understand the extra features of the pro version. Moreover, Click here to see the all comparisons about Rank Math Pro VS Free VS AGENCY VS BUSINESS. I hope it will help you to make the right decision for your website.

WordPress SEO Made Easy

Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress

Pros and Cons of Rank Math

Pros of Rank Math

  • Easy to setup & use
  • Better User Interface
  • Built in Schema Markup
  • Easy to switch Rank Math from others
  • Integrated insights and analytics
  • Wide area of Knowledge
  • Lightweight Plugin
  • Well Customer Support
  • Free plan available
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Cons of Rank Math

  • Overwhelming for those new to SEO
  • Has some compatibility issues
  • Many aspects are overlooked

Rank Math VS Yoast VS AIO SEO

Rank Math
Lines of Code
Plugin Folder size
11.8 MB
32.4 MB
12.9 MB
Page Speed
Memory Usage
+0.35 MB
+1.62 MB
+2.07 MB
WordpPress AVG. Rating
Content AI
Custom Schema Builder
Export 404 Log
Google Search Console Integration
1 Click Import From Yoast SEO
SEO Analysis Score
Alexa Site Verification
SEO Performance Email Reports
The Most Advanced Schema Generator
Refund Policy
30 days
30 days
14 days
Free Plan
Pro Plan Price
$99/ yearly

Rank Math Support

YNowadays Rank Math's popularity is increasing day by day. A company's success depends on many factors. The support system is one of them. Rank Math Provides awesome support to its users. You can get your answer via the Knowledge Base section. Rank Math provides it. You can create a ticket and get support from them. Rank Math also provides 24/7 support for all users. I hope their support system satisfies you.


Rank Math Rating on WordPress

In this section, we are going to see the rating of Rank Math on WordPress. Rank Math Rating is well. The rating of Rank Math on WordPress is 4.9 out of 5 stars. Around 6325 users rated Rank Math and nearly 6023 users rated Rank Math as 5 stars. Near 108 users rated it 4 stars and a few people rated it 3 or below stars. From these statistics, we can say that the Rank Math user rating is high.


Final Thoughts:

Without any hesitation, Rank Math is one of the best plugins for WordPress. Rank Math optimizes your content properly. Rank Math offers a lot of powerful and effective features for free that provide other plugins in their premium version.

If you are a beginner, Rank should be your first choice for an SEO plugin for WordPress. Its module and configuration are easy.

Finally, I hope this Rank Math Review will help people who need SEO plugins for their websites. I found that Rank Math helped me to rank my website. I recommend you use Rank Math as an SEO plugins for your WordPress website.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) :

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Does Rank Math offer any refund policy?

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