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Think about your own buying habits for a while.

What is ConvertKit?

Converkit is an email service provider (ESP). It is an Email marketing software for online creators with easy to embed customizable opt in forms to turn readers into subscribe and a visual automation builder to help you send well timed targeted content to those subscribes so you can stary focused on what matters most. So ConvertKit is one of the literally hundreds of ESPS out there and full disclosure it happens to be the one we prefer and use at SPI. By focusing solely on being an email marketing platform . So we can see that ConvertKit main purpose is to build trustworthy deliverability to make sure you land in your reader box.

Why you need an Email Service provider?

After reading this blog I ensure that you will get proper knowledge why we use ESP for our bussiness. Email marketing is one of the most powerfull methods to create a relationsips and market your products and services to your audience . We explain here why we need ESP

There are 4 reasons.

  1. Higher deliverability

    One of them is Higher deliverability. Because your typical email client, Gmail or yahoo for instance is not built for email marketing. The messages you send out may end up labelled as spam by ISPs not event arriving into your recipitents spam folders much less their inboxes.

  2. Easily Create HTML emails

    With What you see is what you get Editors createing a professionals HTML email is a breeze. There is no need about HTML knowledge as the coding is automatically created for you. So You can use ConvertKit for you best option.

  3. List management

    Bounce management is also included with most ESPs – automatically removing hard bounces and soft bounces after a bounce threshold has been reached. Bounces often occur because the email address you’re sending to is invalid or the mailbox full. In its most basic form email marketing involves you sending emails to a group of people who have chosen tohear from you by subscribeing to receive email from you.

  4. Comprehensive tracking and analytics

    Some ESPs such as NewZapp will also provide you with Google Analytics integration, social media tracking and information on which email clients are being used to open your emails and whether your subscribers are on a desktop or mobile. Most ESPs provide customers with comprehensive tracking for all of their email campaigns. You can find out the number of people who opened your email, which links were clicked and by who, deliverability success and track your unsubscribes.

Key Features of ConvertKit

The email marketing software scene is packed with autoresponders that each claim to help marketers manage their campaigns with ease. ConvertKit is no exception in that it pitches itself as the ideal email-marketing platform for professional bloggers. So the main features of Convertkit is:

How to Use ConvertKit?

Converkit is simple to use. By using this tool you can collect a lot of people for your bussiness. If this sounds like it might be complicated to set up, software like ConvertKit helps streamline the process for you with its easy user interface. For most marketers using ConvertKit to manage their email campaigns, automation and tagging are the sellout features. Automation makes it easy to manage subscribers based on events while tags help to segment contacts. For example, you can tag subscribers automatically if they click certain links in an email. This, in turn, triggers a course of action such as enrollment in a Webinar, subscription to a course, and so forth. True to Speak the the price of ConvertKit is very cheap. Even ConvertKit is pay you month trial.

How much price of ConvertKit?

Plans for every stage of your creator journey . True to speak the price of converkit is very low . If you have 300 email subscribers than ConvertKit give you free for new creators building their List. This is $0/month. In this packege you will get unlimited landing pages and forms , send email broadcasts and sell digital products and subscription and You will get Community Support. If you choose Creator packege . Then this packege is only for growing creators automating their work. The price of this packege is only $9/month. Here you will get unlimted pages and forms and send email boardcast , sell digital products and subscriptions , live chat and email support a, free migrations form another tools and automated funnels and sequences. Besides if you choose Creator Pro packege for established creators scalling their bussiness. The packege price is $25/month . Here you will get Unllimited landing pages forms, send email boardcast sell digital products and subscription, priority live chat and email support and free migration from another tool automated funnels and seuences facebook custom audience newsletter referral system. Subscriber scorin and Advanced Reporting. This is the all packege. Here you can choose one for run your bussiness.

Price of ConvertKit


The benefit of ConvertKit

How to purchase ConvertKit?

At first you have to take a decesion that you are want to take converkit for your bussiness. After taking decesion you have to go converkit. Then selects your plan and purchase . You will get 1 month free trail .

Own the relationship with your audience

ConvertKit helps you build a relationship with your followers and own that connection you make with them through your email list.

Payment methods

Positive sides of ConvertKit

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